Yana Stajno - Artist

Angels Gallery

The Wingmaker's Story

Angels Gallery #01

I was invited by Stuart Gould of 'Stables in Exile' Gallery to produce some new work for St Catherine's Church. I have long been inspired by Gabriel García Márquez's story - 'A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings' (pub 1955), so I chose to paint a series of angels.

Angels are present in three of the world's great religions and are seen as mediators between the visible and invisible worlds. They are able to take human form yet have wings, they have human compassion yet super-human powers. Folklore warns us to "be careful how you treat a stranger, they may be an angel." The collection will soon be exhibiting at the Crouch End Open Studios 2016.

Neasden's Angel

Angels Gallery #02

Winged Messenger

Angels Gallery #03

Changing Wings

Angels Gallery #04


Angels Gallery #05

Dusk over Rooftops

Angels Gallery #06

Calling the Wingmaker

Angels Gallery #07

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